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Hamdi & Mohamed

We are Hamdi and Mohamed (Salhoub) the founders of Chefs & Recipes, we are food bloggers and cooking lovers, we created this website to share all about top chefs recipes, cooking tips, kitchen tool reviews, and much more about food and cooking stuff.

About Chefs & Recipes

We get an idea about making a big website that contains recipes from top chefs like Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, and other chefs from all around the world. We will start sharing recipes and cooking tips from the top American chefs and step by step we will move to other countries and places. We simply start with the American chefs because we know them and there is a lot of search on those chefs.

Our Goals

We try here to build a website or a network that people can simply find all the recipes, cooking tips, cookbooks, and kitchen advice from their favorite chefs, and also they can share their tips and experience in one place, so beginners can learn and enjoy their cooking journey.

Also, our readers can share their recipes and cooking tips, and advice on the website, and why not you will be the next chief.

Coming Soon

YouTube Channel: Soon we will release our youtube channel so we can share the recipes and show you how to cook step by step.

Forum: We will create a forum for you guys to share all your questions and tips so this will help the community to connect with each other and share their experiences.

Food/Recipes Pictures Stock: We will also create a free place that people can find pictures of any recipe and use them in their blogs, website, social media profile. We want to make all these pictures free, so the new bloggers can find opportunities to make high-quality content with less money.

How To Support:

You will find here some promoted products from different brand names like Amazon, Walmart, Costco. Be sure that we will always bring to you high-quality products which can help you. And we will try to give you an opportunity for great saves.
Those products usually are an affiliate program which means we get a commission if you buy through our links, and this is how you can support us to keep creating good and high-quality contain.

Contact Us

The easy way to contact us is through comments, we always answer the comments daily so just feel free to ask about anything in the comment.
Also, you can contact us through our Pinterest page or Instagram or simply email us and you will get answered in less than 24h.

Work With Us

If you have a recipe that you want to share in the blog, just email us with the recipe details (ingredients, instruction, and cooking tips), and send it through email. We usually answer you in less than 24h.
If you are a food blogger and you want a guest post on our website, also contact us and we will send you the requirements that you need to have in your guest post.

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